About Michael Grant

Michael Grant is the evil genius of YA Fiction. By his own admission he sets out to scare his readers. That might explain why one of his biggest fans is Stephen King who called The GONE Series ‘A driving, torrential narrative’.

But Michael is interested in more than just scaring people. With his major new trilogy, FRONT LINES, he finally gets to match his greed for a good story with his passion for history. He wants the reader to forget about dates and to look again at things they thought they knew from school. In his own words, ‘history is the backstory of the human race … statistics don’t really tell the whole story. For that you need people – characters. The latest instalment, Silver Stars, finds Michael’s characters already battle hardened, but they still have much conflict to face both on and behind the battle field.

Michael has also been selected as a World Book Day author for 2017. For this he has written an exclusive Front Lines story, Dead of Night.

Michael’s life is a rich source for his torrential narratives. Growing up in a military family he’s lived in almost 50 different homes in 14 US states, and moved in with his wife, Katherine Applegate, after knowing her less than 24 hours. Michael and Katherine were running their own cleaning business when they were working on their first book. Since trading in his marigolds, Michael has now written around 150 books (with Katherine, as himself, under pseudonyms and as a ghostwriter).

He now lives in the San Francisco Bay area taking his inspiration from his charming view of Alcatraz. From across those dark waters have emerged his dystopian fantasy series, GONE, his thrilling futuristic trilogy BZRK, the menacing MESSENGER OF FEAR and now the epic reimagining of the past, Front Lines.

It’s hard to sum Michael up in 3 words. Watch him try:

And Grasshopper Jungle author Andrew Smith has a go too:

Michael can be contacted via Twitter @MichaelGrantBks, and www.facebook.com/authormichaelgrant.

It’s hard to come up with a tagline for such a man. We like ‘Michael Grant is the evil genius of YA fiction‘ but Michael came up with a couple of ideas of his own.

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Michael Grant Gives Kids The Creeps.

Michael Grant has Gone BZRK.

Michael Grant: Scary Old Bald Dude.

Michael Grant Drinks Your Milkshake.

Michael Grant Hates Your Tattoo.

Michael Grant Can Perform All Gordon Ramsay Insults and Hand Gestures

Michael Grant Is Really Michael Reynolds.

Michael Grant Writes What He Knows: Cannibalism.

If Michael Grant Is Eight Feet Tall He’s At His Perfect Weight.

Michael Grant: Not The Dead Classicist, The One Who Writes YA.

Michael Grant Is Available As A Paid Endorser For Whiskey And Cigars.

Little Known Fact: Michael Grant Is The Voice Of The Little Mermaid.

Michael Grant Is Pretty Sure He Could Take Ricky Gervais In A Fistfight.

Michael Grant Can’t Write Taglines Worth A Damn.