Hello. You have reached the official site for Michael Grant, the dark genius of YA fiction. Right now, somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael is listening to the murderous call of seagulls and staring dreamily at his charming view of Alcatraz, imagining fresh ways of terrifying his readers.

Internationally acclaimed author Michael Grant delivers another stunning follow-up to his globally bestselling GONE series.

When the lines between hero and villain blur, it’s hard to tell who’s the real monster.

Dillon Poe wanted to be a comedian once but everyone made fun of him. Dillon the loser. Dillon the freak. Now he can control anyone with the power of his voice and he’s preparing to send thousands to their deaths. Who’s laughing now?

Villain is the sequel to Monster. Four years after the dome has come down, Shade Darby vowed that she would never feel powerless again. But the brutal and terrifying fallout of FAYZ continues to wreak its havoc. So when Shade finds that she and others are starting to mutate, the authorities decide that they can’t let these superpowers go unchecked.

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